About Cairn Technology

Cairn is a health, safety and environmental consultancy and infection prevention and control specialist. We lead the way in environmental monitoring and testing, products and training for safer healthcare organisations - primarily hospitals and care homes.

We have worked in partnership with NHS Trusts throughout the UK for many years and have applied our technical knowledge to the daily challenges faced by hospitals - both NHS and the private sector. This approach has enabled us to provide solutions from within the healthcare environment for healthcare personnel.  Our experience has also been taken into the care home sector in the form of products, training and supporting documentation.


Cairn Technology Consultancy Service

We have an innovative approach to monitoring and testing the environment. Experienced consultants take ultra-accurate equipment into hospitals at a time which suits the staff, and ensures that they can concentrate on caring for patients - knowing that the monitoring/testing project is in hand.

We undertake many forms of monitoring and testing, including: Workplace Exposure Monitoring, Specialised Ventilation for Healthcare Testing, Bio-burden Testing, Sterile Services Cleanroom Testing and Compliance Testing for Washer Disinfectors, Automated Endoscope Reprocessors and Sterilizers.


Products For Hospitals

Through working with UK hospitals, we have developed a range of products to meet the varying needs in different departments. These include: spill kits for various hazardous substances, specialist abosrbent products, infection prevention and control products, laboratory waste containers and many more.

Our products are continually reviewed to ensure they meet the needs of the staff using them, and the changes that occur in the workplace.


Cairn Training in Hospitals

Practical training on chemical awareness and emergency spill response enables hospital employees to understand all the issues relevant to their activities. This leads to increased confidence when action is required and provides improvements in awareness, knowledge and practices. We also provide training on other subjects - tailored to the needs of the department.


Products and Training for Care Homes

In addition to our work in hospitals, we also have a dedicated team to support the care home sector. We visit their premises and assess their needs, then offer recommendations. We supply a simple line of products to care homes - many of which are used in hospitals and we provide free product training for staff at their workplace.  Staff also receive free posters, learning tools and relevant documentation to assist them in their future use of our products. 


Products for Other Industries

Whilst our products and services have been developed with the healthcare sector, they are also applicable to many different industries. We supply to all industries where chemicals are handled or where biological fluids are present. 


Accreditation for Cairn Technology Ltd

The Management System of Cairn Technology Limited has been approved by ISOQAR. The system provides a coordinated, systematic, process-based approach to the management of the business and encompasses all activities within the company. These activities are undertaken in accordance with ISO9001:2008.

Clean Hospital Corridor

"Cairn Technology staff were very helpful, courteous, accommodating and knowledgeable. I felt at all times that I was dealing with competent, well-informed personnel."

Theatre Manager, Yorkshire Clinic,
Ramsay Health Care UK 

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