From atomisers to Z-mops, we supply a whole range of consumables and personal protective equipment to ensure that you and your staff are kept safe in the healthcare environment.

You can purchase individual items to use for a specific task, or to simply re-stock one of your emergency spill stations.

Replacement Spill Kit Items:

  • Super-absorbent mops/pads
  • Waste disposal equipment
  • Specialist personal protective equipment (PPE)

Face Masks & Respirators:

  • Half mask/full face respirators
  • Particulate/chemical filters
  • Nuisance dust/fume/smoke masks

Cleaning & Decontamination Items:

  • Sterile water packs
  • Disposable/launderable mops
  • 'Virusolve+' cleaning & disinfecting agent
  • Quick dry pads and absorbent bin linings 
Range of Consumables

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