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From absorbent mats to infection control products, and from spill kits to laboratory waste containers, we develop our products with our clients so they fulfil your requirements. When procedures change, our products reflect that.

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Virusolve+ Trigger Spray Concentrate and Wipes

Virusolve+ clean & disinfect

Make Virusolve+ part of your hospital infection prevention and control programme. This highly effective cleaner, sanitizer and disinfe...

T-mat Absorbent Mats for Theatres and Mortuaries

T-mat Absorbent Mat

The T-mat is a disposable absorbent mat - primarily for operating theatres that collects and binds liquid hygienically - promoting a c...

DryMax Sterile Absorbent Mat

DryMax Sterile Mat

The Drymax Sterile mat is designed to absorb fluids during surgeries and investigations, creating a dryer, safer environment and will ...

DryMax Combimat

DryMax Combimat

The DryMax Combimat is a hygienic single-use mat which has been developed to create a drier working environment for Gynaecologists and...

DryMax XL

DryMax XL Mat

The DryMax XL is an absorbent and hygienic, single-use mat which quickly and efficiently absorbs blood, washing fluid, urine and other...

Chemical Spill Station Fast Response Case

Chemical Spill Station Fast Response

Deal with spills of hazardous chemicals quickly and safely to avoid a more serious incident. Accidental chemical spills can cause ...

Chemical Spill Station Wall Mounted

Chemical Spill Station Wall Mounted

Deal with chemical spills quickly and safely to avoid a more serious incident. In the hospital environment, spills of hazardo...

Chemical Spill Kit

Chemical Spill Kits

Deal with spills of hazardous chemicals quickly and safely to avoid a more serious incident. Our chemical spill kits are...

Laboratory Spill Station

Lab Spill Station

Deal with spills of hazardous laboratory chemicals quickly and safely to avoid a more serious incident. Our laboratory spill stati...

Cytotoxic Drug Spill Station and QuickBag

Cytotoxic Spill Station

Deal with spills of cytotoxic drugs quickly and safely to avoid a more serious incident. In consultation with leading healthcare p...

Cytotoxic Drug Spill Kit (for home use)

Cytotoxic Drug Spill Kit

When patients receive cytotoxic drugs in the home environment, a spill could occur at any time. Our Cytotoxic Drug Spill Kit (for home...

Virusan Antimicrobial Skin Sanitizer

Antimicrobial Skin Sanitizer

Virusan is a high performance Ethanol-based antimicrobial skin sanitizer. Virusan antimicrobial hand sanitizer is highly effective...

Virusan AS Antimicrobial Scrub

Antimicrobial Scrub

Virusan AS is a high performance antimicrobical scrub with high quality moisturisers to care for your skin. Virusan AS antimicrobi...

Launderable Z-mop

Z-mops - Launder/Dispose

Cleaning needs to be as effective as possible in hospitals. High quality, affordable cleaning utensils should be used, and t...

Disposable Mop

Disposable Mop

We all want to reduce the risk of cross-contamination in hospitals. Cleaning needs to be as simple as possible, and the more affordabl...

Viruzyme III, Viruzyme Eco or Virudet N are for manual cleaning of endoscopes.

Detergents for A.E.R.s

Endoscopes and delicate medical instruments need to go through three stages of cleaning - manual, the first wash cycle, then the chemi...

Biohazard Spill Kit

Biohazard Spill Kit

Deal with biohazards quickly, safely and efficiently with the Biohazard Spill Kit. A biohazard can occur in any environment, at an...

Body Fluid Spill Kit

Body Fluid Spill Kit

Deal with body fluid spills quickly, safely and efficiently with the disposable Body Fluid Spill Kit. A biohazard or body fluid sp...

Microb-in Lab Waste Container

Lab Waste Container

Safely dispose of your non-sharps waste and save storage space in your lab with Microb-in Clinical Waste Container. Microb-in is a...



Our disposable respirators are essential for protection against chemical fumes and vapours when dealing with an emergency spillage sit...

Grey Absorbent Pads

Grey Absorbent Pads

It's important that spillages in hospitals are dealt with straightaway. Absorbent grey pads are ideal for routine small spills and...

Range of Consumables


From atomisers to Z-mops, we supply a whole range of consumables and personal protective equipment to ensure that you and your staff a...

Mercury Spill Kit

Mercury Spill Kit

Do you use mercury in your department? Deal with mercury spills quickly and safely with our Mercury Spill Kit. Our mercury spi...


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