Hospital Services

Cairn are market leaders and we have an innovative approach to monitoring and testing the hospital environment. By sending our experienced consultants and ultra-accurate equipment into your hospital at a time which suits you, we ensure that you can get on with the business of caring for your patients - knowing that the monitoring/testing project is in hand.

COSHH monitoring equipment

Workplace Exposure Monitoring (COSHH)

Anaesthetic rooms, operating theatres, recovery areas, endoscope cleaning rooms, pathology areas - wherever your staff are being exposed to hazardous substances, Control of Subs...

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Ventilation Testing Equipment

Specialised Ventilation for Healthcare HTM 03-01

Health Technical Memorandum (HTM) 03-01 covers specialised ventilation for healthcare premises i.e. critical systems. Such systems should be inspected quarterly and verified ann...

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Sterile Services Cleanroom Testing Equipment

Sterile Services Cleanroom Testing

If you've ever attempted to organise the testing of a hospital Sterile Services Cleanroom to the ISO Class 8 Cleanroom standard, you may well have struggled to be able to fi...

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Bioburden Testing Equipment

Bio-burden Testing

Many theatre managers like to have bio-burden levels measured inside their theatres and peripheral areas such as anaesthetic rooms or prep rooms. Whether you require annual bio-...

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HTM 2030 Compliance Testing Equipment

Compliance Testing for Washer Disinfectors

Fully Comprehensive HTM 2030 Testing What is HTM 2030? Health Technical Memorandum (HTM) 2030 is designed to give guidance on the choice, specification, purchase, instal...

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Personal Sampling Tubes for Monitoring Staff Exposure

Personal Sampling in Dental Workplaces

Cairn Technology Consultants have been conducting workplace monitoring for many years. Within a dental practice/school/hospital, moulding substances, nitrous oxide and clean...

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Practical part of Chemical Awareness Training

Chemical Awareness Training

Hospital Chemicals Training Course We've developed a chemical awareness training course designed to meet the needs of hospital staff and demonstrates how to use a spill ...

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