Laboratory Spill Station

Deal with spills of hazardous laboratory chemicals quickly and safely to avoid a more serious incident.

Our laboratory spill station has been designed to minimise the risk posed by hazardous routine, aggressive & mixed chemical spillages and ensures that you are always ready to deal with an emergency - protecting with PPE, controlling and removing the hazard and disposing of correctly. In the event of a spill, your department will continue to function smoothly and your staff will be kept safe.

We've developed 2 formats of this laboratory spill kit to best suit the needs of your department. Both contain exactly the same contents.

  • Available as a portable spill station/kit, or a wall-mounted static spill station/kit
  • Save time: Respond faster and more effectively to a chemical spill
  • Save money: Lessen the disruption to your department
  • Prevent injury: Prevent staff exposure
  • Highly visible
  • Simple to use
  • Contains full personal protective equipment
  • Contains equipment to deal with a full range of chemicals
  • Includes full instructions
  • Contains warning signs and barrier tape to ensure the safety of those not dealing with the spill

Product Codes:
CT0331 Laboratory Spill Station Fast Response Case (2 PPE) 
CT0335 Laboratory Spill Station Fast Response Case (1 PPE)


Chemical Spill Station Testimonials

See also 1 litre, 3 litre and 5 litre chemical spill kits.


Chemical Spill Kit Training

In conjunction with our chemical spill stations, we have also developed a training course designed to meet the needs of your hospital staff, which covers procedure in the event of a chemical spill, COSHH Regulations, classification of hazardous materials, understanding a material safety data sheet and training in the use of the chemical spill stations. Read more

Laboratory Spill Station

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