Disposable Body Fluid Spill Kit

Deal with body fluid spills quickly, safely and efficiently with the disposable Body Fluid Spill Kit.

A biohazard or body fluid spill can occur in any environment, at any time, so you need to be able to deal with it quickly, safely and efficiently.

The Body Fluid Spill Kit is:

  • A self-contained unit
  • Space efficient
  • Portable
  • Cost-effective
  • Single use
  • Simple to use - instructions provided


Contents of the Body Fluid Spill Kit

The kit includes:

Personal protective equipment

  • 1x Disposable Apron
  • 2x Pair Nitrile Gloves (double-glove)
  • 1x Eye Shield
  • 1x FFP3 Face Piece

Equipment to clean-up and decontaminate

  • 1x 1.5 litre blue/white T-mop
  • 2x Absorbent Grey Pads
  • Virusolve+ (highly effective disinfectant) in small atomiser
  • 1x Plastic Scoop & Scraper
  • 1x Sachet of Sodium Polyacrylate


  • Place all contaminated items including PPE into waste container.
  • Seal and dispose.


Product Code: CT0336


To purchase body fluid spill kits for your department,
please call 0845 226 0185.


See also Biohazard Spill Kit.

Body Fluid Spill Kit

To enquire or place order,
Call: 0845 226 0185 or
e-mail info@cairntechnology.com

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