Product - Microb-in

Microb-in: Stackable bench top waste disposal unit supplied by Cairn Technology and used in medical laboratories.


"The use of Microb-in does go some way to addressing storage problems associated with other solutions for providing dry discard. The product provides a safe and easily disposable option that works well in a busy laboratory."
Keith Burrows – Safety Officer, Good Hope Hospital


"I found Microb-in to be excellent. It allows small laboratory items to lie flat. I’d recommend it to others. It’s safe to use, reliable, offers easy storage, is simple and convenient to use at the bench and sufficiently compact to optimise autoclaving."
Allan Wilcox – Pathology Laboratory Manager, Royal Albert & Edward Infirmary


"Prior to Microb-in, we used toffee jars. We decided Microb-in was right for us because it solved the storage issue, was easy to use and was a good size for use on busy benches. We’re very happy with the product, service and delivery and would definitely recommend it to other hospitals and labs."
Sheila Norris – Lab Manager, The Royal Oldham Hospital


The quotations above were kindly provided at the time the product was in use in each workplace. Please note that in some cases, the person providing the quote may have since changed job role or workplace and organisations may have changed name or products now used. Quotations were accurate when originally supplied to Cairn Technology.

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