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Monitoring/Testing Surgeon

Hospital Services

Experienced Cairn Technology consultants taking ultra-accurate equipment into your workplace at a time which suits you, ensures that you can get on with the business of caring f...

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Person viewing results with microscope

Product - Virusolve+

Virusolve+: A highly effective cleaner, sanitizer and disinfectant that destroys bacteria, fungi, spores and viruses. Supplied by Cairn and used in hospitals, care homes and man...

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Lab Technician

Product - Microb-in

Microb-in: Stackable bench top waste disposal unit supplied by Cairn Technology and used in medical laboratories.   "The use of Microb-in does go some way to a...

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Midwife in maternity

Product - T-mat

T-mat: A single-use, super-absorbent, polymer-based gelling mat supplied by Cairn Technology and widely used to absorb fluids primarily in operating theatres.   &ld...

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Staff checking procedures

Product - Chemical Spill Kit

Chemical Spill Station: A complete chemical spill management system developed by cairn Technology and particularly useful for departments where a washer-disinfector is in use. ...

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Practical Part of Chemical Spill Training Session

Chemical Spill Training

Cairn Technology Chemical Spill Training: Practical and theoretical training course with background information on hazardous chemicals and how to use a chemical spill station to...

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