Product - Chemical Spill Stations

Chemical Spill Station: A complete chemical spill management system developed by cairn Technology and particularly useful for departments where a washer-disinfector is in use.


"The Cairn Technology Spill Station is very efficient. It soaks up all kinds of spills effortlessly."
Yvette Appleby, Theatre Health & Safety, Birmingham Heartlands Hospital


"The Cairn Technology Spill Station has recently allowed us to prove our COSHH compliance during our recent Health & Safety Executive visit."
Garth Furmage, Health & Safety Manager, Barnsley District General Hospital


"I was impressed with the performance of the Spill Station, and also the service received from Cairn Technology." 
Phillipa Bettle, Theatre & Endoscopy Sister, Dorset Community NHS Trust


The quotations above were kindly provided at the time the product was in use in each workplace. Please note that in some cases, the person providing the quote may have since changed job role or workplace and organisations may have changed name or products now used. Quotations were accurate when originally supplied to Cairn Technology.

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