Chemical Spill Training

Cairn Technology Chemical Spill Training: Practical and theoretical training course with background information on hazardous chemicals and how to use a chemical spill station to deal with a spill.


"Very good course leader, very informative and knowledgeable."
Adit Dogan, Radiographer, Wellington Hospital


"Very informative & easy to digest. Content was delivered in a clear, concise manner. Practical & useful."
P M Rees, Sister/Orthopaedics, Princess of Wales Hospital


The quotations above were kindly provided at the time the product was in use in each workplace. Please note that in some cases, the person providing the quote may have since changed job role or workplace and organisations may have changed name or products now used. Quotations were accurate when originally supplied to Cairn Technology.

Practical Part of Chemical Spill Training Session

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