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Virusolve+: A highly effective cleaner, sanitizer and disinfectant that destroys bacteria, fungi, spores and viruses. Supplied by Cairn and used in hospitals, care homes and many other organisations.

“We use Virusolve+ concentrate, ready-to-use trigger sprays and FWC in all areas of our home for all our cleaning needs including carpets, soft furnishings, offices and kitchens. The literature, posters and instructions we received with the first order were excellent. They are clear and easy for staff to follow. They underpinned our policies for infection control, COSHH and Health & Safety. Virusolve+ has replaced floor cleaners, carpet cleaners, anti-bacterial sprays, toilet cleaners and multi-purpose sprays. Virusolve+ is very simple to use, effective in controlling infection and leaves a freshness in the home that was almost impossible to achieve by using individual products. We would certainly recommend it to others.”
Marion Southwell, Assistant Administrator, Brendoncare Chiltern View, Aylesbury Jul. 2010

"We wanted to prevent urine odours and infectious diseases. One reason for choosing Virusolve+ is the fact that we could use one product for all surfaces. The performance of Virusolve+ is excellent. I like the lemon fragrance and the effectiveness against infectious diseases is better than the other products assessed. Virusolve+ has replaced: Microclean, Combat, Blue-away, Polish."
Annette Freeman, Support Services Manager, Redlands Independent Hospital Sept. 2010

“We wanted to prevent infection in our home, and Cairn helped us achieve our goals. We implemented a clever cleaning system which is safe to use on furniture & fittings and deals with problems like MRSA, C-diff spores and Norovirus. We also reviewed our entire cleaning policy. Cairn provided product training and support on this project which helped us achieve and retain high standards of cleanliness and hygiene in our home.”
Jane Pitts, Owner, Wellington House Nursing Home, Bradford Sept. 2010

“I think that Virusolve overall has been very successful within Atkinson Morley Wing. The product is well liked by the domestic staff for its ease of use and the fact that we only require two Virusolve products to clean all areas of a ward. The dilution system is good which means there is no wastage. Due to this we have seen a reduction in the amount of cleaning chemicals that are required on site. From a scoring point of view I would give Virusolve a 4 (out of 5). The only comment I have is the price of the product but having said that our infectious clean call outs have reduced and I believe that microbiology tests done on areas cleaned with Virusolve have come back good so it is obviously reducing hospital infection. For this reason I would say it is worth spending that little extra on a good product.”
James Hearn, Contracts Manager, St. George’s Hospital (Atkinson Morley Wing) Oct. 2008

“I was looking for a cost effective broad spectrum hard surface disinfectant and cleaner which was available in a ready to use spray for general cleaning and disinfectant of cleanroom work surfaces and decontamination of transport containers prior to re-use. Virusolve+ had the supporting data to show that it is a very effective disinfectant. Virusolve+ is also an effective cleaner leaving surfaces visibly clean which encourages staff to use it more and effectively. Virusolve+ does everything I thought it would do prior to purchase.”
Mike Lawton, HSDU Manager, Macclesfield District General Hospital Oct. 2010

“We are very happy with Virusolve+. It has met all the criteria we set and has not produced any symptoms for staff members. We would definitely recommend the product to others.”
Ted Ngono, Theatre Manager, New Victoria Hospital Jan. 2007

“The key feature that Virusolve+ has, is that it can be used on soft furnishings without removing colour and that it does not smell as strongly as bleach-based products. We’re very happy with all aspects of the product. It’s easy to use and effective at killing C-diff spores and MRSA. And it’s long-term use doesn’t erode fabrics, metals, wood etc. I’d recommend this product to others.”
Natalie Illingworth, Lead Infection Control Specialist Nurse, Paignton Community Hospital Mar. 2008

“On a performance scale of 1 to 5 (5 = excellent), we would rate Virusolve+ as 5. It has drastically cut down on infection on Midgley Ward.”
A M Wilson, HSA, Torbay Hospital Aug. 2008

“In the kitchen I can see a big difference in the trolleys and surfaces there. It has made a big difference in the bathrooms and toilet areas.”
Corinne Jeffs, Manager, Acorn Regency Healthcare, Bradford Feb. 2009


The quotations above were kindly provided at the time the product was in use in each workplace. Please note that in some cases, the person providing the quote may have since changed job role or workplace and organisations may have changed name or products now used. Quotations were accurate when originally supplied to Cairn Technology.

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