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Here are some articles on subjects that are relevant to care home staff. This part of the website will be periodically updated, so keep coming back to find out more on subject such as infection control, C-diff and Norovirus etc.  Please also take a look at our blog. 

Hand Washing to Prevent C-diff

Causes of C-diff

C-diff (clostridium difficile) bacteria spreads easily in healthcare environments such as hospitals and care homes as it is contagious and often caused by antibiotics. The c...

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Keep toilets clean to prevent the spread of Norovirus.

How to Prevent Spread of Norovirus

Norovirus, also known as the winter vomiting bug, is a highly contagious stomach bug that affects people of all ages – at any time of year. Causing vomiting and diarrhoea,...

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Virusolve+ to prevent infection in care homes.

Infection Control in Care Homes

The staff at Cairn are specialists in infection control in care homes. We recognise that infection control is vital in the care home sector, as many of those who live in car...

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Thoroughly wash hands and dry with a paper towel.

MRSA in Care Homes

Reducing MRSA in Care Homes MRSA is an infection caused by a variety of the staphylococcus bacterium. This type of bacterium normally lives on the skin or inside the nostril...

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Care Home Toilet Sign

Types of Incontinence

Over 6 million people in the U.K. suffer from urinary dysfunction, and the good news is that 70% of cases can be cured or greatly improved. It's important that carers al...

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