Great cosmetic surgery blogs

Are you a cosmetic surgeon yearning to blog?

Are you a budding cosmetic surgeon with a yearning to blog but no idea where to start?

If so, take a look at these articles from cosmetic surgeons who have already mastered the art.

From sharing their views on the latest hot topics and surgical developments to helping prospective clients understand what is involved in different cosmetic surgery procedures, these surgeon bloggers are as quick with the pen as they are with the knife.


  • Gary Ross talks to BBC 5 Live about buttock augmentation


This blog article focuses on a recent interview of plastic surgeon, Mr. Gary Ross, on BBC 5 Live, where he discussed body dysmorphia, different buttock augmentation options and the pros and cons of undergoing a procedure.

As such, this article is a prime example of how you can use your blog to explain specific cosmetic procedures for prospective clients.

What’s more, any reference to a radio interview does a lot to underpin a surgeon’s credibility in his or her field.

To read the full article on this buttock augmentation interview just click here.




This is a great blog article. Again, it addresses a lot of questions that prospective clients may have about a specific cosmetic surgery procedure, in this case rhinoplasty.

By also including client testimonials and ‘before and after shots’ of a successful procedure, it also provides powerful reassurance to anyone considering rhinoplasty or using this clinic.

To read the full article on this rhinoplasty success story click here.





In a similar way to the above blog, this article works well to explain to prospective clients what they can expect from a labiaplasty consultation, which surgical options are available and what will happen after the procedure.

It’s good that it includes a testimonial from a happy client, but what is really powerful is that it emphasises that nobody’s vagina or vulva is abnormal, an important clarification for prospective clients that may actually be more in need of reassurance than surgery.

To read the full article click here.





Picking up on the global trend that is seeing increasing numbers of men seeking out cosmetic surgery, consultant plastic surgeon, Anthony Mcquillan, looks at why male attitudes to surgery might be changing.

Explaining gynecomastia surgery, the procedure for removing ‘man boobs,’ and abdominoplasty, which can help reshape a ‘beer gut’, this is an educational and personable guide for any man considering cosmetic surgery.

To read Anthony Mcquillan’s daddy makeover article click here.



Now over to you…

We hope that these blogs have inspired you to pop open the laptop and get typing. As a specialist cosmetic surgeon, you will have a wealth of insight that can help to educate and reassure prospective clients.

At the same time, the surgical community is ever eager for news and debate on specific issues, so get involved and make sure your voice is heard too.

We look forward to featuring your own blog articles on our website one day. Happy typing!