Must-see infection control conferences

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If you are interested in infection control in healthcare settings, then here are three excellent events to book into your diary.

Sure, you’ll be jetting to Zurich, Geneva and Liverpool, but the speakers and programmes will certainly make it worthwhile.

1.       International Conference on Prevention and Infection Control 2019

The ICPIC2019 conference tales place from 10th to 13th September in Geneva, Switzerland. With expert speakers drawn from across the glove, the conference will give attendees a great opportunity to exchange and enhance their knowledge of infection control.

The conference programme is very diverse, covering topics such as ‘Hand hygiene’, ‘Healthcare-associated infections and the hospital environment’ and ‘Empowering key stakeholders in IPC’. To see the full ICPIC2019 programme and speaker details click here.

2.       12th Annual Infection Prevention Conference 2019

Taking place from 22nd to 24th September in Liverpool, UK, IP2019 will celebrate 60 years of infection control nursing.

Leading experts will discuss infection control threats, the latest innovative technologies and cutting-edge research to help improve team performance and patient outcomes.

In addition to presentations, meet-the-expert sessions and specialist streams, there will be one-day conferences on the ‘Development of Infection Prevention & Control Leaders’ and ‘Infection Prevention in Paediatrics’.

For further information just visit the official Annual Infection Prevention Conference 2019 website.

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3.       15th World Congress on Infection Prevention and Control

Taking place from October 21st to 22nd in Zurich, Switzerland, the theme of this year’s congress is: ‘Novel Insights to Explore the Innovatory strategies in Infection Control and Prevention’.

Attracting a host of eminent speakers, the event will be packed with opportunities to discuss IPC practice and learn.

The diverse range of sessions and tracks offers something for everyone interested in infection prevention and control.

The programme includes discussion on emerging and re-emerging infections, microbial pathogenesis and virulence, and much more.

For more details on this congress just click here.

More infection control events

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