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Added: November 2017

Thanks for dropping by to check out our NHS snapshot for this September and October. There’s been a lot happening so here are just a few highlights:

·         Elective surgery soars near record high

By October, the waiting list for elective treatment had increased in eight consecutive months to 4.1m, just 100,000 short of exceeding the highest ever recorded figure. In fact, the percentage of patients treated within 18 weeks reached its lowest level since February 2011 at 89.1% (1)

·         NHS Trusts struggle with 4-hour wait

The UK’s NHS Trusts are still failing to meet the 95% target for a four-hour wait in Accident & Emergency, which they have now missed for 27 consecutive months. However, there was some improvement this October when NHS Trusts achieved an average of 90.1%, an improvement of 1% compared with October 2016. (1)

·         Uphill struggle with trolleys

With the number of emergency admissions higher than ever in September, the number of trolley waits increased by more than 3,000 from September to October. In fact, from January to October 2017 there have been 448,000 trolley waits so far, which is 24,000 more than took place in the first ten months of 2016.(1)

·         Drop in delayed transfers

Delayed transfers of care fell from both the previous month and compared with September 2016. In September 2017, there were 28,000 fewer bed days lost because of delayed transfers of care than in same month last year. That said, there have still been 77,000 more delayed days so far this year than over the first 9 months of 2016. (1)

·         Attendance and admissions shoot up

A significant rise in the number of patients attending or being admitted to hospital means that is likely that some struggling Trusts will find this winter particularly challenging.

For example, this September and October, there was an average increase of 141,000 patients attending hospital, compared to 53,000 for the same months between 2010 and 2016. Similarly, emergency admissions increased by 26,000 this year over September and October, compared to 17,000 in 2016. (1)

·         Brexit worry for EEA doctors

A poll by the British Medical Association has found that one in five EU doctors in the NHS is planning to leave the UK as a result of the Brexit vote last summer.

What’s more, of the hundreds of doctors from the European Economic Area (EEA) who responded to the survey, 45% said they are considering leaving the UK.

Key reasons for wanting to leave include uncertainty over future immigration rules and right to remain status, as well as the negative attitude to EU workers in the UK and the Brexit vote itself.

More NHS news coming…

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(1) Data from NHS England