Servicing Stille instruments

What to expect from Stille instrument servicing

There’s a reason that Swedish surgical instrument manufacturer, Stille, can offer an unrivalled 30-year warranty on its instruments.

Not only does it handcraft its instruments for outstanding performance and durability, it also understands how to service those instruments to maximise their life expectancy.


Inexpert servicing of even the best instruments can lead to damage to parts and loss of warranty marking, neither of which can then be restored by Stille.

For this reason, if you send your Stille instruments anywhere other than Stille for servicing, your instrument warranty will become void.

As Stille’s professional instrument servicing is not expensive, it makes complete sense to return your instruments to them for proper maintenance.

That way, you can rely on an expert and comprehensive service including:

  • Complete dismantling of instruments to ensure that they can be properly inspected, refurbished and cleaned

  • Sharpening of any scissors in a way that removes as little material from the cutting edge as possible to allow for more sharpening in the future

  • Adjustment of the joint screw on scissors after sharpening and calibration of the cutting angle to ensure maximum cutting performance

  • Careful cleaning of all instrument areas, including any previously hidden areas, for example around screw joints

  • Adjustment of any parts that are no longer perfectly aligned or positioned

  • Complete surface renovation to remove any signs of staining or corrosion

  • Replacing any parts that are too worn or damaged to be refurbished (for an additional fee)

  • Polishing to maximise the instruments’ anti-corrosive properties

  • Re-marking the product after polishing with warranty and product details – polishing normally removes any existing product marking, so re-marking ensures that the 30-year warranty is still valid.

  • Exchanging any parts that are found to have material or workmanship flaws, as these are covered by the 30-year warranty.

The results of Stille instrument servicing

Not only will servicing by Stille’s skilful instrument makers ensure that your instruments retain their 30-year warranty, it will actually ensure that your instruments last much longer.

In fact, one study carried out at a Swedish surgical centre found that 74% of the Stille instruments tested there had actually been in use for over 50 years (1).

As a result, hospitals that take care of their instruments and ensure they send them to Stille for regular servicing can minimise the need to purchase replacement instruments and save a lot of money.


(1)    Dahl G, Ölveback T, Wiklung L. Quality surgical instruments best investment. Presented: SEORNA, Swedish Operating Nurse Association Conference Meeting, 29-30 November 2012