Stille tissue forceps benefits

Why Stille tissue forceps provide perfect handling

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Stille tissue forceps were among one of the first instruments that Stille’s founder, Albert Stille, learned to make when undergoing his instrument maker apprenticeship in the 1830’s.

Whilst they look like very simple surgical instruments, the manufacturing of tissue forceps requires ultimate precision, as they need to grasp and release tissue with the same sensitivity as a pair of fingertips.

To ensure this finger tips feel and deliver an atraumatic grip on sensitive tissue, Stille’s tissue forceps incorporate a number of important design features:

  • The spring part of the handle is finely calibrated for perfect finger tip feeling and smooth, resilient spring action

  • The shanks are designed for perfect balance and feeling, enabling the instrument to act as an extension of the surgeon’s thumb and forefinger

  • On specific forceps models a serrated handle provides a surer grip for the surgeon

  • The points of the forceps are uniform and carefully rounded to minimise trauma to the tissue

  • Some models come with serrations at the tip that are well defined and mesh perfectly


Types of tissue forceps made by Stille

Stille manufactures a wide range of tissue forceps for surgeons specialising in plastic, cardiovascular, orthopaedic, neuro and general surgery. These include:

  • Adson Stille Tissue Forceps

  • Adson-Brown Stille Tissue Forceps

  • Gillies Stille Tissue Forceps

  • Adson-Callison Stille Tissue Forceps

  • Waugh-Brophy Stille Tissue Forceps

Stille has developed its forceps range over many years and these instruments are now recognised for their unique feel, excellent balance and unsurpassed longevity.

In fact, if Stille’s tissue forceps are cared for and serviced as advised by Stille, they are warrantied for 30 years of use; an unrivalled guarantee for forceps across all manufacturers.


Are Stille tissue forceps for you?

Many of our clients are already passionate about the quality and performance of Stille’s tissue forceps.

Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Anthony Attwood says: “In 1994, I wanted 6 ‘minor op’ sets for myself for work outside the hospital. These included Adson fine tooth forceps ... that get massive use and usually wear out. All sets have been perfect for more than 20 years.”

To found out more about our Stille tissue forceps click here or call the Cairn Technology instrument sales team on 0845 2260185 to arrange a demonstration.