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Surgical Instruments

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The pedigree of a surgeon is reflected in their choice of tools. 

Stille Surgical Instruments have been individually handcrafted in Sweden for 175 years to achieve a superior quality and outstanding finish as well as providing a lifetime of perfection for the World’s surgical elite. 

Recognised as a World leader, Stille is collaborating with award winning Cairn Technology to work more closely with the UK’s top Surgeons.

From the moment you hold a Stille instrument in your hands – you’ll know.


Throughout Stille’s history we have offered surgeons handcrafted instruments both for general surgical applications as well as specialty instruments for selected surgical specialities. 

Plastic Surgery offers a wide selection of surgical instruments, along with world class servicing, especially suited for aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery.


Anthony MacQuillan   MBB, MD, FRCS (Plast)


Consultant Plastic Surgeon MBBS, MD, FRCS(Plast)

"Aesthetic surgery combines artistry, anatomic understanding and delicate tissue handling. That is why I choose STILLE instruments every time – the cleanest cutting scissors and the most precise tools available, that allow me to get the best results for my patients.

"Nerve surgery is a demanding field that requires a surgeon to display both precision and versatility – STILLE instruments allow me to work in the most challenging operative fields and deliver both of these qualities in abundance."

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Consultant Plastic Surgeon MBBS, FRSC(Ed), FFSEM(RCP&SI)

"I have been using STILLE surgical instruments ever since I was introduced to them when a senior registrar in Plastic Surgery in 1980. As soon as I was appointed Consultant I ordered my first set and the hospital soon realised that the usual replacement requests weren't coming in. The result was all plastic surgery sets were changed to STILLE instruments. In 1994 I wanted 6 "minor op" sets for myself for work outside the hospital. These included Adson fine toothed forceps and Supercut Stevens Tenotomy scissors that are both items that get massive use and usually wear out. All sets have been perfect for more than 20 years so the STILLE warranty has never been used and the higher initial outlay has in fact proven to be a great saving. In my other major sets I have used the warranty to get an osteotome and only 2 pairs of scissors resharpened in my career of 35 years.

"STILLE instruments are the best for handling, comfort, function and durability. They have always proven to be great value in the long term. I cannot give a high enough recommendation to advise purchasing and using STILLE instruments."

charles east.jpg


Consultant Surgeon, FRSC

"I was introduced to STILLE Club at BAAPS and recommend it to all surgeons who have a particular desire to have their own specialised instruments. The Club allows you a 30 day trial and more importantly the opportunity to customise designs with the team in Sweden.

"I was so impressed by the balance, precision and handling of the scissors - the original Supercut - that my regular instruments now feel crude in comparison.

"The benefits of such high precision and durable products with an amazing guarantee justify the cost in my mind. STILLE will have a permanent place now in my Rhinoplasty and Facial Plastic sets."

Matt Erdmann.jpg


Consultant Plastic Surgeon, MBBCh FRCS(Eng) FRCS(Plast) CCST

"I am a loyal user of  STILLE surgical instruments since I first used  them as a Registrar in Plastic Surgery in London. It became obvious that the tools of our trade needed to be of optimum precision and sharpness for the fine surgery we preformed, and through regular use of the Stille tenotomy scissors and forceps it became second nature to ask for these every time.

"They remain superb instruments for the surgery we carry out daily. I attended the Stille exhibitors desk at BAAPS last year and won a pair of Metzenbaum scissors which are now used exclusively by me. I have not yet had the need to call upon the sharpening needs, and consider these instruments of the highest quality."



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Stille Club

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Do you demand quality in all aspects of life? From your car to your watch and from the people you work with to the tools you use to do the job, is only the very best good enough?

You could be our perfect partner.

We are seeking the surgical trail blazers who, during their career, will take the profession to the next level. Those who will push the boundaries, challenge the status quo, and ultimately, set the standard for the next generation.

Partnerships are about enhancing what is good to make it truly excellent. They are about combining specialisms to create strength. We’re looking to form new partnerships in the UK with top calibre surgeons who want to be part of the exclusive Stille Club. In return you’ll receive personalised tools, unparalleled support, first access to new instruments, priority servicing not to mention a lifetime of procedures from your Stille instruments.

The Stille Club is free to join and offers exclusive benefits:

• 30 day trial on new instruments

• Priority servicing

• Personalised instruments

• First access to new products

• Elite surgical networking

From the moment you hold a Stille instrument in your hands – you’ll know.


Join the Club

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Simplicity makes the STILLE arthroscopy cannula set the most reliable on the market. Designed to maximise outflow without interruption, the STILLE arthroscopy cannula set offers several benefits above run-of-the-mill sets on the market.

Features of the cannula sets are:

Continuous Drainage

  • Keeps the arthroscope clean
  • Reduces procedure time

LUER Adaptor

  • Simple connection to both the giving set and arthroscope

Smooth, Bevelled Finish

  • Holes in the shaft prevent debris blockages - higher reliability
  • Uninterrupted flow provides continuous vision

Rigid Mandrin

  • Has no memory - doesn't kink or collapse so generally needs one single insertion
  • Less tissue damage - faster healing
  • Reduced risk of infection

Available in 2 sizes:

Code: 415 - 2020 ARTHROSCOPY CANNULA SET sterile ID 2.5 mm OD 4.0 mm length 95 mm tubing 195 cm carton of 4 x 20 pcs

Code: 415 – 2025 - 400 ARTHROSCOPY CANNULA SET sterile ID 4.0 mm OD 5.4 mm length 95 mm tubing 195 cm carton of 4 x 20 pcs


Click here to download more information.


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