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Fast Response Chemical Spill Station

Deal with spills of hazardous chemicals quickly and safely to avoid a more serious incident. In an emergency, you need a system that enables you to manage the incident safely and effectively. Our fast response chemical spill station is designed to do just that.

Accidental chemical spills can cause serious disruption. In a busy hospital environment, this can mean that treatment gets delayed or even cancelled, and that patients and staff are put at risk.

Developed with hospital staff, the benefits of our fast response chemical spill station are:

  • Highly visible

  • Includes spill instructions & full procedure

  • Includes warning signs & hazard tape to ensure the safety of others

  • Simple to use - equipment is organised into QuickBags

  • Full personal protective equipment included

  • Waste disposal bags included

  • T-mops and absorbent pads included to absorb fluids

  • Can be wall-mounted and as it's a case, can also carried short distances - ideal for departments situated closely together

The fast response chemical spill station is split into QuickBags, so you can easily find the exact equipment that you need in the order that you need it, whether it is personal protective equipment, clean-up equipment or waste disposal equipment. Full instructions are located in the front compartment for ease of access.

Our chemical spill station fast response case ensures that you and your staff are always ready to deal with an emergency. In the event of a spill, your department can continue to function and your staff are kept safe.

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Supplied in a Fast Response Outer Case, the station contains:

  • 1 Mop Handle

  • 1 Polyproylene Spill Mop Base

  • 10 Spill Mop Heads (3 litres)

  • 15 Spill Mop Absorbent Pads (0.9 litres)

  • 5 Hazardous Waste Bags and 5 Ties

  • 1 Laminated Chemical Incident Emergency Procedure

  • 1 Incident & Re-Order Form

  • 1 Laminated Chemical Spill Station Sign

  • 2 Laminated Caution Signs

  • Training Course Product Data

  • 1 Barrier Tape (4m)


The spill station also contains 2 PPE sets, including:

  • 1 pair of Goggles

  • 1 pair of Gloves

  • 1 Gown

  • 1 Disposable Respirator

  • 1 pair of Overboots


Interested in our fast response chemical spill station

If you would like to discuss your spill station requirements and get a quotation, please contact our Chemical Spill Management Team on 0333 015 4345 quoting product codes CT0331 (2 PPE set).

“I am very impressed with the Cairn Technology Spill Station, and we have now gone Trust-wide with them.

Cairn worked with us to find a solution, and they got it right.”

— Health & Safety Advisor, Selly Oak Hospital