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Good hygiene habits begin with personal care. One of the simplest ways in which we can protect ourselves from harmful germs, bacteria and viruses is with simple bathroom cleanliness practice. This is easy in the home, but the spotlight is really on public conveniences to provide adequate hygiene measures to protect customers, employees and the general public.

With public toilets identified by SAGE as likely to be a breeding ground for COVID-19 we have introduced a wider range of options for businesses and other organisations who provide public conveiences.


Blueair Classic 605 

Air Purifier

Rooms up to 72 m²

Breathe safely in large family rooms, basements and open concept spaces up to 72 m² with industry-recommended 5 air changes per hour (ACH).

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Blueair Classic 680i 

Air Purifier

Rooms up to 72 m²

Proven to remove 99.99% of the 12 most common airborne viruses and bacteria including H1N1 and E.Coli from your indoor environment*

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Blueair produces high-performing air purifiers that can trap and remove a variety of airborne disease and viruses.

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