Stille Surgical Instruments


Stille surgical instruments have been individually hand crafted in Sweden for over 175 years to achieve a superior quality and outstanding finish as well as providing a lifetime of perfection for the world's surgical elite.

The pioneer of the Supercut scissor, Stille instruments are precision engineered through over 70 individual steps. Each instrument is manufactured using the highest quality steel to produce the perfect balance and fingertip feel which has become synonymous with Stille.

When you hold a Stille instrument in your hands, you'll know.

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Stille Micro Instruments

The new, expanded line of micro instruments from Swedish surgical instrument manufacturer, Stille, includes 94 stainless steel and titanium models, offering unsurpassed surgical performance.

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Stille SuperCut Scissors

The original and sharpest SuperCuts, Stille’s SuperCut Scissors offer unparalleled performance in the cutting of soft tissue.

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Stille Forceps

Stille’s innovative range of tissue forceps and vascular forceps includes models specifically designed for plastic, cardiovascular, orthopaedic, neuro and general surgery.

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Other Stille Instruments

Stille also offers a wide selection of forceps, needle holders, bone cutters, rongeurs, clamps, retractors, curettes, raspatories and elevators.

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How long do Stille instruments last?

Stille instruments are warrantied for 30 years, so long as they are used, cared for and serviced properly by Stille’s own service team.

However, there are many recorded instances of Stille instruments being used for longer. One inventory in a surgical centre in Sweden revealed that 26% of its surgical scissors had been in service for up to 50 years and 74% were over 50 years old.

Stille helps maintain the longevity of its products by providing its own expert and comprehensive service. This includes the complete dismantling of instruments to ensure that they are properly inspected, refurbished and cleaned.

What sets Stille apart?

From the beginning, Stille’s expert craftsmen have been true instrument pioneers, from designing the very first SuperCut scissors with precise cutting to the very tip through to developing the world’s first double-action bone rongeur, and much more.

Stille’s scissors have been independently proven to outperform brands of similar standing in the marketplace. For details on this study just click here.

The company’s commitment to ongoing product development continues to see them producing cutting edge products, including its new range of titanium micro instruments.

Want to see our Stille surgical instruments?

Just call our Surgical Instrument team now on 0333 015 4345 for more information on our Stille instrument range or to request a visit from a representative.

“I was so impressed by the balance, precision and handling of the scissors - the original SuperCut - that my regular instruments now feel crude in comparison.”

— Charles East, Consultant Surgeon, FRSC

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