DryMax Absorbent Combimat

Are you a gynaecologist or urologist that is looking for a purpose-designed absorbent floor mat for your work area? Or perhaps you work in theatres carrying out other types of procedures that generate large amounts of water-based and sometimes contaminated fluid?

If so, then the DryMax Combimat could be just what you are looking for.

This single use floor mat comprises a super-absorbent green section to retain excess fluid from procedures, explorations and surgery, whether that is bodily fluids or irrigation fluid. There is also a white section which is splash proof, anti-slip and walkable.

The DryMax Combimat will absorb up to 15 litres of water-based liquids such as saline, urine, amniotic fluids and blood. Of course, in the case of liquids containing bodily fluids and proteins, the absorption capacity will decrease compared to the saline data provided.

Once used, the mat can be disposed of quickly and easily in clinical waste, helping with infection control and speed of turnaround.

DryMax Combimat Absorbent Floor Mat Details 


 Do you want to try before you buy?

Our DryMax Combimat absorbent floor mat offers a simple, single use solution for theatres, gynaecologists and urologists.

That said, we realise that if you are going to be convinced by the DryMax Combimat you will want to trial it for yourself to see how it works for you in your environment. That’s why we offer free samples which we are happy to post out to you or deliver in person.

Just call our Fluid Management Team on 0333 015 4345 to request some samples and try them out for yourself.