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Dry Max Sterile Absorbent Mat


Are you looking for a sterile absorbent mat that can be positioned directly beneath the patient during operations, investigations and procedures?

The DryMax Sterile absorbent mat efficiently absorbs and binds water-based fluids, blood and urine, without leaking or dripping.

By reducing the amount of fluid reaching the operating theatre floor, the mat creates a safer and drier environment, which takes less time to clean.

Whilst the mat can be used in a wide variety of procedures, it is ideal for arthroscopies, knee and shoulder surgery, caesareans, craniotomy, amputations and abdominal surgery.

DryMax XL Sterile Absorbent Mat Details 


Other benefits of the DryMax Sterile

As you can see, the DryMax Sterile absorbent mat offers numerous benefits, but there are even more positives:

  • It’s packed in a sterile packs which can be hung on a hook until needed

  • It’s quick and easy to dispose in clinical waste

  • It reduces cleaning time and the risk of cross-infection

  • It is certified in accordance to MDD 93:42/EEC and bears the CE-Mark

  • You can do away with suction devices that are noisy or pose a trip hazard due to tubing

Please note: Whilst the mat absorbs water-based liquids such as saline, urine, amniotic fluids and blood, the absorption capacity will decrease compared to the saline data provided for liquids containing bodily fluids and proteins.

Want to try before you buy?

We’ve got some great things to say about our DryMax Sterile mats, but there is nothing as good as putting the product to the test. So why not call us on 0333 015 4345 to request some samples of the DryMax Sterile absorbent mat and try them out for yourself?