Fluid Management

Whether you want to capture fluids during a procedure or contain splashes when scrubbing up, we have the correct absorbent mat for your needs.

Designed to optimise your fluid management, our mats will help you avoid health and safety risks and optimize turnaround times.


T-Mat Absorbent Floor Mat

Try the most absorbent floor mat on the market for operating theatres.

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DryMax Sterile 3 cmyk.jpg

DryMax Sterile Absorbent Mat

For use directly beneath the patient during operations and investigations.

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DryMax XL2.jpg

DryMax XL Absorbent Floor Mat

An anti-slip floor mat designed for standing on in theatres or scrub rooms.

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DryMax Absorbent Combimat

Combines a walkable section and highly absorbent area for substantial spills.

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XL roll on grey.jpg

DryMax XL Roll Absorbent Mat

This 50m roll of the DryMax XL mat allows you to cut longer sections.

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Cairn Grey Pads.JPG

Grey Absorbent Mats

Ideal for small spills or for removing awkward residue after a major spill.

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