Infection Control

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Tackle the spread of infection in your hospital by using our highly effective cleaning and containment products.

Our range will provide you with a powerful arsenal in the battle against hospital-acquired infection, helping you to eliminate a wide range of pathogens including viruses, bacteria and moulds.

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Virusolve+ Sporicidal Disinfectant and Cleaner

Independently proven to kill bacterial spores, mycobacteria, bacteria, fungi and viruses.

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Detergents for Automated Endoscope Reprocessors

For removing protein and organic contaminants during manual or AER cleaning.

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Z-Mop Reusable Hospital Mop

A user-friendly general-purpose mop that can be laundered and reused.

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Diposa-Mop Disposable Mop

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Microb-in Lab Waste Container

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Virusan Antimicrobial hand hygiene for hospitals

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Combines a lightweight handle with disposable heads to reduce the spread of pathogens.

A space-efficient way to securely dispose of contaminated non-sharps waste.

Effective in less than 1 minute against a range of viruses, bacteria and fungi.