Antimicrobial Scrub

Antimicrobial Scrub


Virusan AS antimicrobial scrub is highly effective and annihilates 99.99% of most common found germs in under 60 seconds.

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Virusan AS is a high performance antimicrobical scrub with high quality moisturisers to care for your skin.

Cleanliness and hygiene are vitally important in all healthcare facilities because people are prone to infection when they are either ill or hospitalised. The transmission of infectious diseases can be prevented through appropriate cleaning and disinfection practices in the context of a comprehensive hygienic concept.

Around 80% of infections in hospitals are transferred via the hands of healthcare workers. It is therefore very important to disinfect hands between patient contact, for this you need a quick no fuss product.

From the creators or Virusolve+, Virusan AS is effective against bacteria, MRSA, fungi, HBV, HBC, HIV, spores and more.

Product Code: CT0906

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