Lawton Bipolar Scissors

Lawton Bipolar Scissors


Lawton Bipolar Scissors are a multifunctional instrument that enables tissue cutting, dissection and coagulation. As such, they are ideal for a wide range of applications in open surgery, including gastro-intestinal, urological, ENT, gynae, plastic, thoracic and general surgery.

Key benefits offered by the Bipolar Scissors include:

  • Improved safety as the current only flows through the tissue coagulation area

  • A single plug connection ensures comfortable, easy handling for prolonged working periods

  • Available with or without a knife edge on one blade, as required by the surgeon

  • Safe isolation is ensured through an abrasion-resistant ceramic element in the blade

  • Scissors stay sharp for longer due to ceramic cutting-edge

  • Blade can be re-sharpened more often than non-ceramic blades

To request a demonstration of our Lawton Bipolar Scissors, call our instrument team on 0845 226 0185.

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