Chemical Spill Station Wall Mounted

Chemical Spill Station Wall Mounted


Our wall mounted chemical spill station ensures you and your staff are always ready to deal with an emergency. In the event of a spill, your department can continue to function smoothly and your staff and patients are kept safe.

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In the hospital environment, spills of hazardous chemicals can cause serious disruption. This could mean that treatment gets delayed or cancelled, and the safety of staff and patients is put at risk.

The spill kit has been developed with experienced hospital staff and is particularly suitable for departments where washer-disinfectors are used.

The benefits of our wall mounted chemical spill station are:

  • Highly visible
  • Includes spill instructions & full procedure
  • Warning signs & hazard tape included to ensure the safety of others
  • Simple to use - equipment is organised into QuickBags
  • Full personal protective equipment
  • Waste disposal bags included

Product Codes:
CT0310 (2 PPE)

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