Cytotoxic Spill Station

Cytotoxic Spill Station


In consultation with leading healthcare providers, our Cytotoxic Drug Spill Kit has been designed to give you all the necessary knowledge and equipment to plan your rapid response and tackle the spill in the most effective way.

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Deal with spills of cytotoxic drugs quickly and safely to avoid a more serious incident.

We've developed 2 formats of this kit to best suit the needs of your department.

1. Wall-mounted Base Station

  • Save time: Respond faster and more effectively to a cytotoxic spill, minimising staff and patient exposure.

  • Save money: Lessen the disruption and loss of service delivery to your department.

  • Prevent injury: Reduce personnel exposure and alarm to patients.

  • Low profile design.

  • Manufactured from fire-resistant, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial wipe-clean material.

  • Contains a detailed spill response procedure and a set of guidelines.

  • Contains warning signs and barricade tape to ensure the safety of those not dealing with the spill.

  • Simple, clear and safe waste disposal.

  • Contains 2 one shot QuickBags - each with all the necessary equipment to protect 2 members of staff and clear a spill of both liquid and powder cytotoxic drugs up to a litre in size.

  • Contains a third bag with optional contents - a third one shot QuickBag or if you handle cytotoxic drugs in larger quantities, you can choose an extra QuickBag. The extras QuickBag provides additional equipment to tackle spills of up to 4 litres, giving you more flexibility in the size of spills you can manage.

Product Code: CT0500

2. Individual Cytotoxic QuickBags (for spills up to 1 litre)

  • Can be purchased individually.

  • Contain all the personal protective equipment.

  • Contain clean-up and waste disposal equipment.

  • Ideal for use when cytotoxic drugs are being transported.

Product Code: CT0520

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