Lawton ergoDISSECT Scissors

Lawton ergoDISSECT Scissors


Lawton’s ergoDISSECT scissors combine precision, ergonomics and durability to provide superior performance in tissue dissection.

Precision cutting and longer lifetime due to:

  • precision-machined cutting edge

  • welded Tungsten Carbide blades

  • rounded cutting blades

Better cleaning due to:

  • smooth, matt and passivated surface

  • slotless screw

  • unique rounded joint

Stable three-point holding position due to:

  • distinct index-finger support

  • angled scissor-rings

  • anatomically shaped middle-finger support

Intuitive handling with easier lift-up from table due to:

  • ergonomically designed scissor rings with V-shaped handle

To request a demonstration of the ergoDISSECT scissors call our instrument team on 0845 226 0185.

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— Dr. Peter Binns, Director

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