Lab Waste Container

Lab Waste Container


Safely dispose of your non-sharps waste and save storage space in your lab with Microb-in Clinical Waste Container.

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Microb-in is a bench top contaminated waste disposal container which has been designed specifically for busy laboratories. Developed for staff who frequently need to dispose of laboratory waste items, it has a wide aperture for easy one-handed operation, and it is conveniently located on the bench top or within a cabinet.

  • Designed to be stable for the bench top
  • Wide aperture facilitates one-handed operation
  • Stackable
  • Space-efficient
  • Leak proof and also contains absorbent pad
  • Accommodates large items
  • Unique sealing mechanism provides high secure fastening, even if dropped

Microb-in is space-efficient, compact and stackable, meaning it is far easier to store than other waste disposal solutions. It has been designed for the disposal of all kinds of non-sharps waste such as pipettes, tips and loops and can also accommodate larger items, allowing them to lie flat.

With a unique sealing mechanism, Microb-in is completely secure - even when dropped. It is leak-proof and contains an absorbent pad.

Product Code: CT0100 (Case of  60)

I found Microb-in to be excellent. It allows small laboratory items to lie flat. I’d recommend it to others. It’s safe to use, reliable, offers easy storage, is simple and convenient to use at the bench and sufficiently compact to optimise autoclaving.
— Pathology Laboratory Manager, Royal Albert & Edward Infirmary