Lawton Microinstruments

Lawton Microinstruments


We offer a wide range of stainless steel and titanium Lawton micro-instruments, which are ideal for surgeons specialising in paediatric, cardiac, vascular, replantation, neuro, reconstructive and gynaecologic surgery.

Lawton’s micro-instrument range includes several innovative features to provide state-of-the-art performance. These features include:

·         Pura-Line:

o   A unique round spring handle for micro instruments

o   A new round body profile to assure safe handling during usage

o   A lightweight handle with special cavities to enable fatigue-proof working

o   The handle design enables easier cleaning and sterilising to reduce the risk of contaminated areas


·         Swing-Line:

o   A streamlined design at the joint allows for enhanced sliding capacity, stability and flexibility

o   Easier cleaning, sterilisation and maintenance are other benefits of the design


·         Ceramic-Line:

o   Ceramic coating provides 4 to 5 times higher surface hardness than stainless steel

o   Longer working life

o   Higher sliding capability than stainless steel, minimising abrasion

o   Greater resistance to rust/corrosion than stainless steel

o   Dark colour reducing interfering reflections


·         Perfect-Grip

o   Special coated jaws ensure a non-slip and gentle grasping of vessels, tissues, the most delicate wound needles and sutures


·         Titan-Line

o   Made from Titanium which has antimagnetic properties that allow use during MRI

o   Titanium is fracture-proof and non-rusting allowing for greater durability and longevity

o   The lightness of titanium allows for precise working without fatigue

 Our micro-instrument range includes:

  • Micro Scissors with Flat Spring Type Handles

  • Micro Scissors with Round Spring Type Handles

  • Micro Coronary Scissors with Round Spring Type Handles

  • Micro Spring Type Scissors, bayonet-shaped

  • Micro Forceps

  • Micro Suture Tying Forceps with Round Spring Type Handles

  • Micro Grasping Forceps with Round Spring Type Handles

  • Micro Forceps, bayonet-shaped

  • Tumour and Tissue Grasping Forceps, bayonet-shaped

  • Micro Needle Holders with Flat Spring Type Handles

  • Micro Needle Holders with Round Spring Type Handles

  • Micro Needle Holders, bayonet-shaped

  • Needle Holders with Ring Handles

  • Vessel Clips for Temporary Occlusion

  • Approximators

To request a demonstration of Lawton’s range of microinstruments, call our instrument team on 0845 226 0185.

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