Stille Forceps

Stille Forceps


Stille’s innovative range of tissue forceps and vascular forceps includes models specifically designed for plastic, cardiovascular, orthopaedic, neuro and general surgery.

Key benefits offered by the Stille Forceps include:

  • Designed to grip tissue or blood vessels firmly but gently

  • Spring part of handle is perfectly calibrated to provide fingertip feeling

  • Models available with serrated handles to allow for a firm grip

  • Shanks are designed for feeling and balance

  • Models are available with very sharp and durable teeth

  • Serrations at tip (where applicable) are well defined and mesh perfectly

  • Points are uniform and carefully rounded

  • Range includes atraumatic forceps with De Bakey jaws

To request a demonstration of Stille’s range of tissue and vascular forceps, call our instrument team on 0845 226 0185.

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In 1994, I wanted 6 ‘minor op’ sets for myself for work outside the hospital. These included Adson fine tooth forceps ... that get massive use and usually wear out. All sets have been perfect for more than 20 years...the higher initial outlay has in fact proven to be a great saving.
— Anthony Attwood, Consultant Plastic Surgeon, MBBS, FRSC (Ed), FFSEM(RCP&SI)

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