Stille SuperCut Scissors

Stille SuperCut Scissors


The original and sharpest SuperCuts, Stille’s SuperCut Scissors offer unparalleled performance in the cutting of soft tissue.

Comprising of one scissor blade and one knife blade, they are designed to cut themselves forward and provide cutting precision through to the very tip.

Key benefits of the Stille SuperCut Scissors include:

  • The large finger rings are ideal for surgeons with larger hands or when using a double glove technique.

  • The blades are sharpened to enable use by right or left-handed surgeons.

  • Unlike other brands, the screw can be removed for servicing, helping to preserve the shape and size of the blades.

  • You can opt for the Stille SuperCut XE for a more durable and environmentally-friendly Chrome-free coating.

  • All Stille SuperCut Scissors come with a 30-year warranty for a career’s worth of service.

To request a demonstration of our Stille SuperCut scissors call our instrument team on 0845 226 0185

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I was so impressed by the balance, precision and handling of the scissors - the original SuperCut - that my regular instruments now feel crude in comparison.
— Charles East, Consultant Surgeon, FRSC

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