Virusolve+ clean & disinfect

Virusolve+ clean & disinfect


Virusolve+ (cleaner, sanitizer & disinfectant)

Make Virusolve+ part of your hospital infection prevention and control programme. This highly effective cleaner, sanitizer and disinfectant is independently proven to destroy a wide range of bacteria, viruses, spores and fungi, yet is non-toxic and safe for staff and patients.


CT0900 - Virusolve + 5 Litre Concentrate (Case of 4)

CT0901 - Virusolve+ 5 litre RTU (Case of 4)

CT0903 - Virusolve+ 750ml Trigger RTU (Case of 12)

CT0909 - Virusolve+ Wipes x 100 (Case of 6)

CT0910 - Virusolve+ ECO Wipes x 225 (Case of 4)

CT0912 - Virusolve+ Concentrate 5 litre Lavender (Case of 4)

CT0913 - Virusolve+ Concentrate 5 litre Orchid (Case of 4)

CT0914 - Virusolve+ Concentrate 5 LitreLemon (Case of 4)

CT0919 - Virusolve + FWC 5 Litre Concentrate (Case of 4)

CT0923 - Virusolve+ FWC 5 litre Concentrate Lavender (Case of 4)

CT0924 - Virusolve+ FWC 5 litre Lemon

CT0928 - Virusolve+ FWC 5 litre Orchid

CT0938 - Virusolve+ Concentrate 2.5 litre (Case of 4)

CT0920 - Pump Dispenser for Virusolve+ Concentrate 5 litre

CT0921 - Pump Dispenser for Virusolve+ FWC 5 litre

CT0939 - Pump Dispenser for Virusolve+ Concentrate 2.5 litre


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Virusolve+ is used effectively across the healthcare sector from theatres to labs and wards to care homes. It's the ultimate non-hazardous cleaner, sanitizer and disinfectant and quickly destroys clostridium difficile spores up to 4 weeks old, MRSA, tuberculosis, hepatitis B & C, bird flu (H5N1), influenza A, HIV, polio, norovirus and more!

  • Destroy viruses, bacteria, spores and fungi...
  • Independently proven performance
  • A cost-effective cleaner, sanitizer and disinfectant - all in one!
  • Odourless, colourless and non-hazardous
  • Create an antimicrobial barrier anywhere

Virusolve+ has undergone rigorous testing* at Europe's leading laboratories and it has been independently proven to destroy bacteria, viruses, fungi & spores. It penetrates the membranes and renders cells incapable of replication. So from the moment you use it, you can rest assured that micro-organisms are never coming back.

Unlike most other products, Virusolve+ doesn't require surface cleaning. It has been clinically proven to destroy almost all microbials in clean and dirty conditions - removing the additional cost, time and effort usually associated with pre-disinfection cleaning. It also has a long shelf life of two years, further reducing waste.

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We are very happy with Virusolve+. It has met all the criteria we set and has not produced any symptoms for staff members. We would definitely recommend the product to others.
— Ted Ngono, Theatre Manager, New Victoria Hospital, London