Compliance Testing for Washer Disinfectors

Compliance Testing for Washer Disinfectors


Fully Comprehensive HTM 2030 Testing

What is HTM 2030?

Health Technical Memorandum (HTM) 2030 is designed to give guidance on the choice, specification, purchase, installation, validation, periodic testing, operation and maintenance of washer disinfectors (WDs), automated endoscope reprocessors (AERs) and sterilizers in use in the NHS for processing medical devices. This guidance is governed by the mandatory legislation for medical devices and medicinal products.

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In order to demonstrate compliance with these regulations, the Trust must carry out a series of testing protocols on mechanical aspects of the equipment and its performance against set microbiological criteria. Different tests are carried out or repeated on a weekly, quarterly and annual basis. The regime for these tests is laid out in the HTM 2030 document and evidence based data should be generated to prove compliance with the prescribed testing parameters.

The Cairn & T.E.S.T. Partnership

For many years, we've been carrying out chemical emissions testing for staff exposure to high level disinfectants in endoscopy suites and sterile services departments throughout the UK.

Now, by working in partnership with T.E.S.T. Theatre & Endoscopy Service Technicians Ltd, we're able to offer a fully comprehensive HTM 2030 testing service. In addition to our experience, T.E.S.T. have qualified engineers, test persons and clinical staff who are accredited to government guidelines for the validation of medical devices.

Cairn and T.E.S.T. undertake:

Weekly Testing:

  • Safety checks
  • Daily tests
  • Water hardness test
  • Water conductivity
  • Cleaning efficiency test
  • Total viable count of the rinse water

Quarterly Testing:

  • Weekly safety checks
  • Automatic control test
  • Calibration verification
  • Cleaning efficiency test
  • Channel patency test
  • Total viable count of the rinse water

Annual Testing:

  • Weekly safety checks
  • Automatic control test
  • Calibration verification
  • Drainage checks
  • Venting system check
  • Doors and interlocks
  • Fault interlock
  • Chemical additive dosing test
  • Chemical additive low-level detection
  • Chemical additive
  • WD self disinfection test
  • Final rinse decontamination test
  • Channel patency test
  • Microbiological test for disinfection efficacy
  • Chemical emissions to atmosphere

We'll assess your requirements, number of machines etc. and provide you with a fully comprehensive service. Specially trained technicians will visit your department and carry out all sampling and testing required. An accredited laboratory will process your samples, and trained clinical staff will give you feedback on your report.

Independent, Accredited, Science-driven

As always, the advantage we provide is that we are an independent, accredited, science-driven organisation upon whom you can rely for discretion and objective reporting. We don't have any vested interest in returning favourable results, so you can be sure we're always open and honest. Our reputation for quality service is very important to us. You can be assured that we'll always go the extra mile to provide the best possible service to you.

Cairn and T.E.S.T. together will:

  • Reduce the workload of your staff
  • Help you work towards becoming fully HTM 2030 compliant
  • Help you comply with COSHH Regulations regarding chemical emissions
  • Provide you with qualified, competent advice
  • Allow you to outsource risk
  • Provide you with 24hr on-call back-up via T.E.S.T. e.g. Engineer/Clinical Advice/Microbiology
  • Survey your site and develop a tailored schedule for project delivery
  • Provide you with a designated account manager for your workplace