Workplace Exposure Monitoring (COSHH)

Workplace Exposure Monitoring (COSHH)


Workplace Exposure Monitoring

Anaesthetic rooms, operating theatres, recovery areas, endoscope cleaning rooms, pathology areas - wherever your staff are being exposed to hazardous substances, Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations require that you need to know how well you're doing compared to Workplace Exposure Limits (WELs).

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Our consultants manage the work for you, and because we employ continuous monitoring techniques, we're able to show straightaway how levels in the workplace atmosphere vary over the period of monitoring. This enables us to explain when and why peak levels occur and produce your report quickly.

Benefits of Cairn Technology Workplace Exposure Monitoring:

  • You'll get feedback on the performance of your workplace against workplace exposure limits immediately.

  • We analyse concentrations of a number of different chemicals simultaneously: get accurate nitrous oxide and volatile anaesthetic agent results together - invaluable when low flows are used.

  • Concentrations of a large range of chemicals can be measured (e.g. nitrous oxide and anaesthetic agents, formaldehyde and xylene, peracetic acid/chlorine dioxide/other high level disinfection agents).

  • Our equipment analyses up to 90 samples of air every hour, ideal for monitoring short term exposure to chemicals.

  • You'll get incredibly in-depth information about your peak levels and recommendations for improvement.

  • We'll carry out a detailed investigation of the workplace to identify any leaks, faulty equipment or potential for improved working practice.

  • We'll supply a quality, professional, easy to read report telling you what we did, what we found and our recommendations on what to do next.

  • Sleep easy at night knowing that any problems have been identified and that compliance with COSHH Regulations has been met.

Continuous Monitoring and Personal Sampling

When required, we also combine our continuous monitoring with personal sampling to provide a complete workplace monitoring solution. Personal sampling supplies information about a range of individual staff members' exposure and we use this technique to assess exposure in areas where continuous monitoring may not be appropriate, such as delivery suites and recovery areas.