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Z-Mop Reusable Hospital Mop

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Ideal for helping you clean hospital floors, the Z-Mop is a high quality, affordable and user-friendly product that can be laundered and reused, or disposed of after single use.

Used in conjunction with the correct sporicidal disinfectant, this easy to use hospital mop can be vital in your fight against pathogens such as MRSA, VRE and Clostridium Difficile, which have been found on hospital floors and can lead to hospital-acquired infections.

12 ways you can benefit from using the Z-Mop:

  1. Great for general mopping and for drying the floor after a wash down

  2. Heads are looped for strength

  3. Mop heads easily screw onto handle, making it quick and simple to change heads

  4. Handle is super-lightweight which makes mopping less tiring

  5. Handle has ring on top so it can be hung in a storage area

  6. Handle has unique ‘Tuf-Ring' interchangeable connector that can securely and safely hold hundreds of cleaning tools from mop heads to window cleaning squeegees

  7. Mops are colour-coded to correspond with the NHS national colour coding scheme

  8. Suitable to launder and reuse, or dispose after single-use

  9. Use with any type of regular mop bucket which costs less than a specific cleaning system

  10. Mop heads are supplied in manageable sized packs of 10

  11. Ideal for use in all areas of hospitals and other workplaces

  12. Very affordable

Z-Mop reusable hospital mops part codes:

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Looking for a disposable hospital mop instead?

If you would prefer to dispose of your mops, rather than laundering them for reuse, please click this link for information on our disposable hospital mops or call our Infection Control Team on 0333 015 4345.